Weekly Schedule and Multimedia Resources

*As a work in progress, be warned this is bound to change through the quarter.

Week 1: What is Pop Culture?

Media Theory: 

Essays and Sources:

  1. What Monkeys Eat: A Few Thoughts About Pop Culture Writing 
  2. Why Pop Culture Matters

Week 2: Spreading the Bug

Media Theory

Essays and Sources: TBA

  1. Pop Culture Wikipedia
  2. Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication, Mass Media and Popular Culture

Week 3: “Medium is the Message” 

Media Theory

Essays and Sources

  1. Is Google Making Us Stupid?
  2. What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message?

Week 4: Shaping Truth

Media Theory

Essays and Sources:

  1. Bonfire of the Princesses
  2. Live free and prosper: How pop culture influences our values and worldviews

Week 5: The Propaganda World?

Essays and Sources:

Media Theory

  • Propaganda Terms in the Media and What They Mean – Noam Chomsky 
  • Noam Chomsky (2013) on “Silicon Valley, the Internet, Google, Wikileaks and other topics” 

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