“Making Culture Pop” Prompt

Due: See Schedule and Topics Page
Length: 500-1000 words with at least 5 multimedia links


The Parameters of Posts

  1. You can write about anything in the agreed upon categories, but you must choose the topic and get my approval before completing the assignment. 
  2. The writings do not need to be long but they do need to be very good. As a pop culture critic, your goal is to capture the interest of your audience through thoughtful summary, deep analysis using quotes from sources, and evaluation.

Each Pop Culture Post must do these three things:

  • Summarize how your topic became a pop culture phenomenon.
    • Describe the topic and tell us any background information we need to know to understand it.
  • Analyze specific elements of your topics impact on the masses and reveal how the public or the media shapes the topic
    • break the topic down for your reader. This is where you show your critical thinking abilities.  You must use one good quote from our readings. Be sure to explain in detail how this quote supports your ideas and analysis.
  • Predict the value and longevity of the topic.
    • This is the point when you judge the topic. You can quote from sources here, too.

***Please submit your article by the deadline.  Of the two articles only one can be made up for a late submission and presentation.

Here is how to post on WordPress-TEXT

  1. Tutorial: Introduction to Your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Tutorial: Adding a Post to your WordPress Blog (Basic)
  3. Tutorial: How To Add a YouTube Movie to Your WordPress Blog

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