Dubsmash is a video message app that allows you to record yourself to a pre-selected synced sound clip. You can record yourself in a small mini video saying famous movie lines, singing songs, animal sounds, speeches, TV , internet hits, and many more. You can save the video to your phone, in fact that is the only way you can save the video. Then you can upload the video, to Facebook, Youtube,Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, or even via text. They do not yet have a page where you can upload your videos to the public, and view other dub videos. The owners of the app wanted the videos to be personal, for friends and family. While still leaving the option for you to upload your video on any social medium, this app is only for Ios and Android.

The app first came on the scene November 19, 2014. The founders of dubsmash are Jonas Druppel, Ronald Grenke, and Daniel Taschik. Seven days after they released the app, in their hometown of Germany it had reached number 1. Then after that 29 other countries pushed the app to number 1 as well, countries such as the UK, France, and Holland. Co- Founder Ronald Grenke stated,

“A first strong indicator for a hit was reaching the number one position in Germany within a week after the official release. Repeating this situation in a different markets confirmed that Dubsmash can be internationally successful”. 


The app is still being upgraded, new features are coming to the app. The app will improve the sound discovery, add sound boards where you can upload your own sound and share as well as subscribe to other boards. This helps to make the displayed content way more relevant and personal to each individual user. They are also considering making a different app where you can upload and watch videos from other dubbers. The founders of dubsmash had made a previous app  called Starlize that was not successful. The makers thought that the app was to complicated for most people although it was similar to dubsmash in certain ways.They learned a lot from the failed app and that’s where they realized they wanted to keep the app more personal.

Dubsmash started receiving attention from the media appearing on Good Morning Philadelphia, CBS, and other local news station across America.On the air the explained how the app works, and everyone had  made their own videos.This is a clear example of taste making, and the news are the taste makers.  Jack Lule wrote an article on taste makers, the article is called Understanding Media and Culture. In the article Jack says “Historically,Pop culture has been closely associated with mass media that encourage the adoption of certain trends. We see the media as taste makers people or institutions that shape the way others think, eat, listen, drink, dress and more. Taste makers can have a huge influence”.


Dubsmash also became known more in the USA, because they have a large selection of internet sensations. From small sound clips of Donna Gooding  being arrested saying  ” POP hold it down” , or who can forget the cute little boy “You think  I am cute yes or no” and then he gives a little laugh. Songs from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, U2, Meatloaf, etc. The famous speech from our former president Bill Clinton ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman” or the most recent speech from our current president Obama ” I have no more elections to win. I know because I won them all”.

I think that this app is Pop culture totally because, its fun and silly. You get to relive things that use to make you laugh. You can act and be certain character, animal, or make silly sounds. Then just upload them  on other social sites and laugh with your friends. In today’s time a lot of like to record silly things that we do on a daily basis,  thats why sites like snapchat, vine, insatgram are so successful. We post them for the world to see in hopes that one of or silly videos may go viral. I think that some people would love to become an internet sensations overnight. The app is simple anyone can use it, all age ranges. With the large sound collections ranging from 80s hits to the new millennium anyone can find a sound clip that they would want to use.


The PATH To Healing

The unforgettable tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001 was a major hit for all Americans. Early Tuesday morning starting at 8:45 a.m. two American Airline planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City. The disaster caused a large explosion that poured burning pieces and reminisce of the building onto the city of New York, the people, and tourist that were witnessing the tragedy from below.This attack towards the country left millions of Americans devastated. Many people lost family members such as mothers, fathers, sisters, and bothers. Furthermore, the majority of  men and woman that were the first responders to the sight such as fire fighters, policeman, and paramedics lost their lives as well.

image one

This catastrophe left the country painfully in mourning, and brought Americans to a really low point. Fortunately, as Americans always do, we push on to see a better day. Since the major event the city of New York has built a memorial in memory for the people, and heroes that lost their lives in the attack. There was a lot that took place in the construction of the memorial. In 2003 The Lower Manhattan Developers Corporation (also know as LMDC) had an open call for different architects from around the world to submit prospective plans for the future memorial. After various arguments and controversy, in 2004 LMDC announced their choice for the memorial. The corporation chose the Ground Zero Memorial sight by architect Michael Arad. The memorial presented the opportunity of peace of mind for the many mourning with broken hearts.

Since the development of The Ground Zero Memorial the city of New York has continued to build and become the metropolis that we know today. Today, a large project is in mid construction, which is causing a lot of controversy. Primarily due to the structure being only a couple of yards from the Ground Zero sight.

image 3

 Calatrava’s revised WTC PATH Station proposal

The PATH station is expected to be the most expensive station in history. The World Trade Center Transportation Hub is a transit and retail complex is presently under construction by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava designed the elaborate constructions. In the unveiling of construction in 2004 the estimated price was 655 million dollars. In continuing the construction the price has exceeded over 4 billion dollars, and counting. The construction has cost an enormous amount of money, and is very elaborate with its long steel wings poised gracefully above the September 11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan. Some people believe that the form, and built of the new PATH Station is taking away from the actual Ground Zero memorial. This has become very offensive for many Americans (as viewed here in The Angry Architect Article). Citizens are seeing this new construction as a way for the city of New York to put a profit on an organic tragedy event. The world trade center memorial is a place to remember the thousands of Americans that were lost, and is not be seen as a tourist attraction for proceeds.

“Storey argued that there is a political dimension to popular culture; neo-Gramscian hegemony theory “… sees popular culture as a site of struggle between the ‘resistance’ of subordinate groups in society and the forces of ‘incorporation’ operating in the interests of dominant groups in society.” A postmodernist approach to popular culture would “no longer recognize the distinction between high and popular culture”


image 22

On the other end of the spectrum citizens feel that PATH Station construction is a opportunity for the city to build it’s strength back up, and to be viewed as the “Big Apple” the city of dreams, and opportunity. The argument regarding The PATH Station’s location is a reasonable argument. This controversy is an example of the agenda-setting theory. The media such as certain news broadcasting stations profoundly emphasize the disaster. They then recoil and vividly discuss the location of the PATH station being next to the “amazing” memorial. The media sets up the viewers mind to see the new construction as a negative idea rather than looking at it as a growth for the city. Is it to soon for the city to make decision like this? If so, when is it the best time for the city to regrow?

Hey Girl, Like My ‘Stache?

It’s that time of year again! No, not Thanksgiving or Christmas, but the month of November, or as some people lovingly call it, “MO-vember”. It’s the time for men to ditch the razor and let the beard come out with the intention of raising awareness for men’s health, which includes prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Who would have thought that such serious health issues could provoke a fun phenomenon in our society? Everywhere you go, you can see little moustaches on things, making it known to the world that it’s time to donate.

I can recall the first marketing campaign for a good cause to be those good ol’ highlighter yellow rubber bracelets that everyone (and their grandmother) had back in 1997, when cancer survivor & former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong promoted them to gain funds for those affected by cancer. I can also recall seeing everyone in my school wearing them. I did not really know what exactly the foundation did, but all I did know they were cool and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. They became so popular that other foundations started making their own bracelets. The hype around the social phenomenon even caused people to make fake ones; no one seemed to care about cancer, they just cared about “fitting in” and being “cool”.

So, can the same be said about other campaigns like Movember? How many men grow their beard every year, but never actually donate? Well, it seems that you do not even have to donate directly to the cause, or even be genetically able to grow a beard! Women, dubbed “Mo’Sistas”, can also take part and are often part of the Movember campaigns. We are encouraged, according to the campaigns official page to,” Give Mo’ Love. A wink, a nod, a smile or word of encouragement can make all the difference to a Mo Bro and his moustache as he navigates the month of Movember.” The men portrayed in the campaign’s videos are seen as a cool guys, who by just growing a beard are all of a sudden very attractive and also have a sense of “brotherhood” by helping other men.

There are also plenty of products on sale that support the cause and show the world that you support fighting men’s health issues. Companies like luxury watchmaker Maurice Lacroix made14 limited edition watches for the month, but unlike other companies, like Tom’s shoes, the recipient of the watch must fundraise a notable amount for the cause. Fast-fashion leader Forever 21 also supports the cause by adding moustaches on their products and blogging about it as a “trend”. Even British Airways supports the cause by having a moustache on one their planes (called “The Connoisseur”).

Movember definitely has its roots in a good cause, but I think it’s safe to say that thanks to communication concepts like the Reinforcement Theory and the Two-Step Flow Theory, the movement has grown so much more than initially thought of. In a promotional video by the foundation, they talk about “Mo’Bro’s” and how it is something that should be done together and how social media lets people first hear about the movement. According to the Reinforcement Theory,“people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors was more likely to be influenced by their schools, family, community & religious institutions” than the mass media; the media can only affect a person when a new idea is introduced. As a society however, there are social stigmas that we consider to be “good”; donating money to help those who are sick is definitely seen as a “good deed”, so it is not a new idea that the media is bringing to us. That motivation to do good comes from those around us, our peers, family members and friends. It is most likely that you will (if you can) grow a beard in the name of Movember because your buddies are doing it, than to do it because the media has influenced you.

Opinion leaders however also help motivate people to join the cause. Many actors like Ryan Gosling and Seth Rogan promote men to take part for the cause. According to Wikipedia’s page on the Two-Step Flow Theory,

“These “opinion leaders” gain their influence through more elite media as opposed to mainstream mass media.[2] In this process, social influence is created and adjusted by the ideals and opinions of each specific “elite media” group, and by these media group’s opposing ideals and opinions and in combination with popular mass media sources. Therefore, the leading influence in these opinions is primarily a social persuasion.”

Unlike Armstrong’s bracelets, Movember is male exclusive and something that, as hard as a I may try, I will not be able to grow a ‘mo. I will have to do my part and support a Mo’Bro in his hairy adventure where scissors, razors and any sharp object are obsolete!