Dubsmash is a video message app that allows you to record yourself to a pre-selected synced sound clip. You can record yourself in a small mini video saying famous movie lines, singing songs, animal sounds, speeches, TV , internet hits, and many more. You can save the video to your phone, in fact that is the only way you can save the video. Then you can upload the video, to Facebook, Youtube,Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, or even via text. They do not yet have a page where you can upload your videos to the public, and view other dub videos. The owners of the app wanted the videos to be personal, for friends and family. While still leaving the option for you to upload your video on any social medium, this app is only for Ios and Android.

The app first came on the scene November 19, 2014. The founders of dubsmash are Jonas Druppel, Ronald Grenke, and Daniel Taschik. Seven days after they released the app, in their hometown of Germany it had reached number 1. Then after that 29 other countries pushed the app to number 1 as well, countries such as the UK, France, and Holland. Co- Founder Ronald Grenke stated,

“A first strong indicator for a hit was reaching the number one position in Germany within a week after the official release. Repeating this situation in a different markets confirmed that Dubsmash can be internationally successful”. 


The app is still being upgraded, new features are coming to the app. The app will improve the sound discovery, add sound boards where you can upload your own sound and share as well as subscribe to other boards. This helps to make the displayed content way more relevant and personal to each individual user. They are also considering making a different app where you can upload and watch videos from other dubbers. The founders of dubsmash had made a previous app  called Starlize that was not successful. The makers thought that the app was to complicated for most people although it was similar to dubsmash in certain ways.They learned a lot from the failed app and that’s where they realized they wanted to keep the app more personal.

Dubsmash started receiving attention from the media appearing on Good Morning Philadelphia, CBS, and other local news station across America.On the air the explained how the app works, and everyone had  made their own videos.This is a clear example of taste making, and the news are the taste makers.  Jack Lule wrote an article on taste makers, the article is called Understanding Media and Culture. In the article Jack says “Historically,Pop culture has been closely associated with mass media that encourage the adoption of certain trends. We see the media as taste makers people or institutions that shape the way others think, eat, listen, drink, dress and more. Taste makers can have a huge influence”.


Dubsmash also became known more in the USA, because they have a large selection of internet sensations. From small sound clips of Donna Gooding  being arrested saying  ” POP hold it down” , or who can forget the cute little boy “You think  I am cute yes or no” and then he gives a little laugh. Songs from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, U2, Meatloaf, etc. The famous speech from our former president Bill Clinton ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman” or the most recent speech from our current president Obama ” I have no more elections to win. I know because I won them all”.

I think that this app is Pop culture totally because, its fun and silly. You get to relive things that use to make you laugh. You can act and be certain character, animal, or make silly sounds. Then just upload them  on other social sites and laugh with your friends. In today’s time a lot of like to record silly things that we do on a daily basis,  thats why sites like snapchat, vine, insatgram are so successful. We post them for the world to see in hopes that one of or silly videos may go viral. I think that some people would love to become an internet sensations overnight. The app is simple anyone can use it, all age ranges. With the large sound collections ranging from 80s hits to the new millennium anyone can find a sound clip that they would want to use.


Shark Attack on Stage

A clip from the performance

It was during an NFL Superbowl performance that Katy Perry starred one of the most trending figures in early 2015. During the show, Katy Perry had two dancers in shark costumes by her sides doing silly dances. The shark on the right of Katy seemed to have had the dance on practice despite it being a bit bland. However, the shark on the left of her may have forgotten his moves and instead decided to flail his body around as close to the dance as possible. That of course did not work and he caught the eyes of many spectators. Since the show aired, the fame of the sharks exploded and with it came an influx of memes, t-shirts, and fan creations. Some fans of them even got related tattoos!

Why does everyone find the whole scenario so amusing though? It wasn’t a huge deal to watch. In fact, I would not have even noticed it unless someone pointed it out. I believe the reason people found the episode so amusing was because it was not as choreographed and perfected as one would expect it to be. In an article by Linda Holmes, she makes a point about a similar situation by stating:

“Consider the case of Marco Rubio and the water bottle. In and of itself, that story is, indeed, very silly: A Man Drinks Water. But to me, it seemed like a story about how spontaneity is in such short supply in politics that in highly choreographed setting, even small, meaningless things seem fascinating simply because they are unplanned.”

She talks of a scene where a political figure had to reach out further than normal to reach a bottle of water to quench his thirst. The guy never broke eye contact while he nearly stepped out of frame from the camera, making the whole thing awkward and in some ways funny. This same principle lies in Katy Perry’s Superbowl show. If both sharks were doing their dances properly, it most likely would not have gained the fame it did. The accident from the left shark stood out, making for one big, but short-lived, phenomenon.

Of course with all the hype built up from this whole fiasco comes the memes, community fanart, and even designs for t-shirts and hoodies, one of which Katy Perry herself wears. Some of these creations include edited gifs, team left shark and team right shark among social media, and even one person who got a tattoo of them. It’s really amazing what the community can come up with when a new trend rushes into the people so quickly and largely. However, I don’t think getting a tattoo is one of the best ideas as this fad left nearly as quickly as it came.

As with most one-shot trends in society being blasted everywhere, such as the recent “gold and white or black and blue dress” uproar, comes the many people who get tired of it being blasted in their lives over and over. The topic fades out quickly and begins to collect dust on the shelf. The sharks from Katy’s performance were hilarious to watch at first but the hype might have been a bit too much for us. At this point, most people have a nasty taste in their mouths whenever someone brings up the sharks. A joke can only be told so many times before people don’t find it funny anymore.

A relevant clip from Despicable Me

An Artistic Crisis

Sia Furler, but simply known as Sia, is an Australian musical artist who’s been making music since 1996. She’s has won 15 different awards for her music and has written hit songs for Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and many others. But as of late, she’s been coming under scrutiny because of the music video’s she’s been releasing for her album “1000 Forms of Fear.” The artistic views are being labeled as something that they’re not.

The first music video she made was for her song “Chandelier” and it featured Maddie Ziegler, a 12-year-old dancer who stared in Lifetime’s TV show “Dance Moms”. In the music video, it has Ziegler dancing around in a run down house wearing a blonde wig and a skin colored leotard. Now the first thing that people started criticizing was the skin colored leotard. Do to the clothing being flesh toned, some people thought the she was dancing around naked at first. That pedophiles from around the world would be saving this video to their computers. Others saying that the parents should have never let their kid do this. Lisa Suhay wrote about this on her blog titled “Maddie Ziegler in Sia Video: Right choice for an 11-year-old?” on csmonitor.com writing

“Wallace has taught dance for 30 years and both her children, now ages 17 and 22, have made dance and theater their professions. “Maddie is a role model for the girls I teach,” Wallace adds. “It’s a shame her mother isn’t teaching Maddie to think like a role model because that kind of thinking will get her farther and help her avoid the transition problems other talented young girls like Miley Cyrus had.”

Suhay also states “The song ‘Chandelier’ is Sia’s poignant cry for help.” as she sings about forgetting her problems through alcohol.

The bashing gets some added heat when Sia released her second video for “Elastic Heart” which had Ziegler in the same outfit, but with the addition of Shia LaBeouf in skin colored dance shorts playfully fighting with her in a huge birdcage. This actually had Sia apologizing on her twitter account to anyone who felt offended by the video. She wrote “I anticipated some ‘pedophelia!!!’ Cries for this video. All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play” I believe that people tend to complain about things just for the sake of complaining. Like how musical artist “Earl Sweatshirt” wrote on his twitter about Taylor Swift’s music video “Shake It Off” saying “haven’t watched the taylor swift video and I don’t need to watch it to tell you that it’s inherently offensive and ultimately harmful” and continued with “perpetuating black stereotypes to the same demographic of white girls who hide their prejudice by proclaiming their love of the culture”. How can you judge a video for being racist when you state that you haven’t even watched said video?

This entire situation is a prime example of the reinforcement theory. You have an artist doing something that she loves to do but people take it for something else. They were taught, whether it be friends, family, religion, that what they watched is something bad. The site “csmonitor.com” stands for “The Christian Science Monitor”. So Suhay’s reaction and response is influenced by outside sources. And the main reason for her reviewing this video is because her son Quin was watching it saying “I opted not to let Quin watch Maddie’s video because I know the song lyrics and overall message of the video would open a can of worms so big that we would fish for a week for answers to his questions.”

The one thing I’m afraid of is artists holding back there artist views because of them possibly offending a group of people. People commented saying Sia could have easily done the  video having Maddie dressed in a black leotard, in a not so run down house. But that’s not how Sia saw her music video. People need to have an open mind to things and judge things for themselves and not have others judge things for them.