Dubsmash is a video message app that allows you to record yourself to a pre-selected synced sound clip. You can record yourself in a small mini video saying famous movie lines, singing songs, animal sounds, speeches, TV , internet hits, and many more. You can save the video to your phone, in fact that is the only way you can save the video. Then you can upload the video, to Facebook, Youtube,Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, or even via text. They do not yet have a page where you can upload your videos to the public, and view other dub videos. The owners of the app wanted the videos to be personal, for friends and family. While still leaving the option for you to upload your video on any social medium, this app is only for Ios and Android.

The app first came on the scene November 19, 2014. The founders of dubsmash are Jonas Druppel, Ronald Grenke, and Daniel Taschik. Seven days after they released the app, in their hometown of Germany it had reached number 1. Then after that 29 other countries pushed the app to number 1 as well, countries such as the UK, France, and Holland. Co- Founder Ronald Grenke stated,

“A first strong indicator for a hit was reaching the number one position in Germany within a week after the official release. Repeating this situation in a different markets confirmed that Dubsmash can be internationally successful”. 


The app is still being upgraded, new features are coming to the app. The app will improve the sound discovery, add sound boards where you can upload your own sound and share as well as subscribe to other boards. This helps to make the displayed content way more relevant and personal to each individual user. They are also considering making a different app where you can upload and watch videos from other dubbers. The founders of dubsmash had made a previous app  called Starlize that was not successful. The makers thought that the app was to complicated for most people although it was similar to dubsmash in certain ways.They learned a lot from the failed app and that’s where they realized they wanted to keep the app more personal.

Dubsmash started receiving attention from the media appearing on Good Morning Philadelphia, CBS, and other local news station across America.On the air the explained how the app works, and everyone had  made their own videos.This is a clear example of taste making, and the news are the taste makers.  Jack Lule wrote an article on taste makers, the article is called Understanding Media and Culture. In the article Jack says “Historically,Pop culture has been closely associated with mass media that encourage the adoption of certain trends. We see the media as taste makers people or institutions that shape the way others think, eat, listen, drink, dress and more. Taste makers can have a huge influence”.


Dubsmash also became known more in the USA, because they have a large selection of internet sensations. From small sound clips of Donna Gooding  being arrested saying  ” POP hold it down” , or who can forget the cute little boy “You think  I am cute yes or no” and then he gives a little laugh. Songs from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, U2, Meatloaf, etc. The famous speech from our former president Bill Clinton ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman” or the most recent speech from our current president Obama ” I have no more elections to win. I know because I won them all”.

I think that this app is Pop culture totally because, its fun and silly. You get to relive things that use to make you laugh. You can act and be certain character, animal, or make silly sounds. Then just upload them  on other social sites and laugh with your friends. In today’s time a lot of like to record silly things that we do on a daily basis,  thats why sites like snapchat, vine, insatgram are so successful. We post them for the world to see in hopes that one of or silly videos may go viral. I think that some people would love to become an internet sensations overnight. The app is simple anyone can use it, all age ranges. With the large sound collections ranging from 80s hits to the new millennium anyone can find a sound clip that they would want to use.


Because They Said So


Vegans, like vegetarians do not consume meat, fish or poultry “but they also do not use other animal products and by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, wool, cosmetics, and soaps derived from animal products.” Veganism has been around since the 1850’s. images (1)Back then, the reasons for going vegan were quite similar to some of the reasons why people are vegan today. Some vegans really want a healthy lifestyle and desire to give all living animals a better life. They choose not to eat animal by-products such as eggs or dairy because they don’t want to promote the meat industries and it’s all the same for why they don’t wear leather or cosmetics. Though veganism has been around for more than a century, it is still pop culture of today because the mediums of media are different.  It’s always in your face and the tastemakers of this time makes sure that all have an opportunity to choose a vegan lifestyle.

“Tastemakers can help keep culture vital by introducing the public to new ideas, music, programs, or products. But the ability to sway or influence the tastes of consumers can be worth millions of dollars. In the traditional media model, media companies set aside large advertising budgets to promote their most promising projects. Tastemakers are encouraged to buzz about “the next big thing.” -Jack Lule

                Is vegan at all what it was originally meant for anymore? That is my question. When I see that celebrities like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande have gone vegan or when I type “vegan” in Pinterest and see how many boards comes up, i’d say, no.  It’s been around for all of our lives, but this this generation is reshaping its purpose and it has now become the “cool” thing to do. With that, businesses have created many forms of non-vegan foods to appease vegan dieters making this diet doable as well as comfortable.

There are so many substitute foods for “old cravings” that a vegan dieter may have. Though tofu and soy products have been around for a while, businesses have added more “foods” to the list of products that a vegan can eat. There are Vegan substitute guides all over the internet giving guidelines to what one can eat when they are “feeling like a burger”.

Sweet Potatoes and coconut products have become a big hit within the vegan community and now there are vegan IMG3465 dairy products. Vegan cheeses are newest on the block. They are pretty expensive but come in many varieties. And if you cannot shower with Dove, soap is breaking your bank as well. Whole Foods is just one store that is vegan friendly. Imagine how many other businesses are gaining unimaginable profits because their vegan store says “YOU’RE A VEGAN, YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!”

images (8)It goes without saying that celebrities have a huge influence on what their audience sees and emulates. Early this month, Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z joined forces with the 22 Days Nutrition meal service. The couple tried the product for themselves before they sold the idea of their own Vegan campaign to their fans.  However, Beyoncé made her personal challenge public by posting her journey on Instagram. Even if the challenge hadn’t worked for her, her fans had already joined the movement, simply because she tried the product. 0c500b65_b.xxxlargeIn a short, written by MTV’s John Walker, Walker makes a very good point that I don’t think people think about when they jump on celebrity bandwagons. He states that “If you are what you eat and you’re eating “the Beyoncé diet,” then this meal plan’s big selling point is that you will effectively “become” Beyoncé by the end of it — and therein lies the problem.”

Young actress turned pop star is an example of this. There is a webpage that is dedicated to Look and Act Like Ariana Grande. On this page you will find out how to get her skin, style sense, and eating habits. In 2013 Ariana Grande went 100% vegan. A vegan YouTuber was ecstatic about Ariana’s decision to go vegan and states that “she has such a huge following that she has so much potential to change an entire generation”. 

While this is true, it may also be dangerous. I think the idea of Vegan eating (clean eating) is a great thing but just because its right, doesn’t mean that it’s right for everybody. Celebrity trainer and founder of Twenty Two Training, Dalton Wong stated to Telegraph.co.uk that “Every year there is some eating fad that we all get behind. Last year we had the 5:2, the year before we had the alkaline diet, and the year before that gluten free. Veganism is now cool, but if you don’t do it properly, it’s really not that healthy,” As pop culture consumers, we hear all of the glorious things about movements, products and results that make us want to jump on the bandwagon. However, doing so leaves a ton of room for ignorance, accidents and destruction. Some will do it right. Some will seek a doctor to gain knowledge about themselves and how becoming a vegan would be beneficial for them. They will figure out why they want to switch lifestyles and how to appropriately do so. While others will spend a lot of money trying to eat like Beyoncé and who knows, may turn out worse than if than had they not tried it. I’m amazed how many people will follow a single person in a serious life change JUST because they’re famous. The future of Veganism is bright. Businesses make loads money, some people lose weight and become healthier, and some try and fail. The rest of us eat animals, animal by-products, honey and everything dairy. We wear, fur, silk, wool, and cosmetics and we enjoy life.

images (3)

Revolution of a Fit Life Epidemic

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact beginning of this fitness revolution with tons upon tons of social media sources related to this “Fit Life Epidemic”: the idea that motivation is spreading like a disease. Dieting and fitness are nothing dieting1950s2new to daily lifestyles in society. Although, according to Wikipedia, George Cheyne wrote the first diet book in 1724 and William Banting’s written legacy in 1863, dieting had not become popular until Lulu Hunt Peters wrote “the first weight-loss book to become a bestseller” in 1918.  It can also be proven with newspapers and diaries from the 1950s that dieting was very popular amongst housewives and the idea of sharing tips and tricks through an early form of mass communication had become a trend.


The difference from the past to modern day is the communal monster known as social media and the innovative progressions in technology. Social media is free to use and easily accessible through search engines like Google, video sites like YouTube, and even apps like Instagram and Pinterest. It’s become common for users of these apps and websites to post pictures of their fitness and health progression. Pictures of healthy appetizing meals are used to pull readers into short articles about dieting, while providing any nutritional tips through Pinterest. Any user of Instagram or Pinterst can simply tap the app icon on their phone and instantaneously get smacked in the face with workout strategies and idealized fitness models linked to motivational quotes designed to hype up any reader and create a fresh spark of inspiration to impact their life. One of the rewards for taking part in this revolution is a widely known social media hashtag known as “Transformation Tuesday”. This special day in social media is when anyone can post a before and after picture of their bodies to show off their hard work and dedication. The Fit Life Epidemic is this endless and obsessive streaming of posts related to nutrition, dieting, fitness, and motivation.

The Fit Life Epidemic is the healthiest disease fueled by technology and infectious through social media.  Wall-E could be an accurate prediction of where civilization could end up. A human dystopia is greatly possible with the advancement in technology designed to make our lives easier with the least amount of effort.  However, technology is finding ways to fuel fitness lifestyles.

Tara Sabo, a blogger writes about the power of social media and how it affects our health and fitness. She digs deep into why people are reacting to such extremes with anything related to social media. She also educates us on the tools that can be found while warning her audience of misguided information, which is a dangerous force of its own.

“Social media is loaded with images that aim to influence, from the vain-glorious selfies of beautiful women on Instagram to healthy living bloggers posting daily meal recaps, it’s easy to fall into a comparison trap. I do it, and I always have to remind myself that I am not them. Unrealistic ideals and visual stereotypes exist. They are real. But so am I. I am unique and completely my own, which means that one person’s reality cannot and should not be my very own. But imagery has the power to make us forget this, and that’s where social media can fail us. And yet, it can also educate us.”

All people obsess over their image to some degree. I believe women are the most obsessed with their body image. When women look at models on Instagram that are receiving comments from other women and men, they compare every angle of themselves to that model receiving such positive attention and feel pressure to look as close as possible to that unrealistic ideal. It doesn’t help when society’s standards multiply to a greater level. If women or men believe that a possibly photoshopped model is absolutely pure beauty, then their idea of reality is skewed. The media representation theory is playing its part here by providing a false image constructed of how a person should look. The hypodermic needle theory can relate to this idea of a false reality because the audience is passively absorbing the material and skewing society’s views.

This controversial song has been argued by many over its true intentions and overall message.  This song may as well begin to play when the “Burn Book” is opened in the movie “Mean Girls”.  The arguments on social media all pertains to whether its “better” to be thin or to have some meat on your bones.  I believe it makes women self conscious about their weight and fuels the epidemic. What do you think the moral of this song is?

Although the fit life is fueled by jealousy but at the same time seems like an unhealthy disease, it actually is the best thing for individuals to live a healthier, longer, and most importantly a happier life due to the image they create of themselves.

In an article written by Elizabeth Kolbert in 2009, she quotes a sentence that I find very ironic to our existing situation. “To conquer obesity will thus require a complete new awareness, the re-education of the great mass of consumers, and this seems a distant prospect,”. I find this quote ironic because this distant prospect that the quote is referring to is actually no longer distant. It’s sitting in the bedroom of nearly every home in the world. It’s attached to our hip on a daily basis. Social media has brainwashed society for the good of our health.  This fit life has always existed in the homes of the housewife world, but now its on an extreme level.  Believe it or not, this is just the beginning of the revolution.

The Fit Life Epidemic is so popular that one of the largest stock market giants, Apple is incorporating features within their products to aid fitness and health apps. And to quote Apple, “It just might be the beginning of a health revolution”. In an article, “What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message?”, written by Mark Federman. Mark quotes Former Chief Strategist Marshal Mcluhan, “Control over change would seem to consist in moving not with it but ahead of it.” Social media seems to be creating a social media crossroads of its own. Will we evolve into Wall-E World’s De-evolutionized couch potatoes or will the future bring a mass of uber health crazed fitness fanatics? Which direction will we choose to take?