The Fight of the $entury

Miguel Cotto lands a punch on Sergio Martinez in the 8th round of their WBC middleweight title bout at Madison Square Garden in New York
On May 2nd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada the boxing world delivers the long anticipated fight of the century. After five long years of excuses Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao have finally come to an agreement. Mayweather (47-0) 26 KOs is ranked number one, and Pacquiao (57-5-2) 38 KOs is ranked number two. These two have been at the top of their sport winning a combined 11 division championships. Mayweather’s perfection of the sweet science and Pacquiao’s explosively fast warrior style has made this fight the biggest since Ali v Frazier one labeled the original fight of the century. The fight is anticipated to gross $200 million will make it the highest grossing fight of all time. maxresdefault-1The fight will be split 60-40 Mayweather($120 million), Pacquiao($80 million). Ringside seats are reportedly starting at a ridiculous high price of $250,000. This fight is estimated tp set a new record for pay-per-view buys at 3 million, beating a previous Mayweather fight at 2.4 million in 2007 against Oscar De La Hoya. This fight could help revive the sport of boxing and also become “The Fight of the Century”.

How this became so popular is all about the fighters and the money. Mayweather’s cocky attitude, bad guy image, skills, and perfect record have made him the most talked about athlete in sports. He was the highest paid athlete in 2014 earning $105 million. Mayweather can be compared to a modern day Muhammad Ali who loves to promote his fights, flaunt his skills and money. His opponent Pacquiao a hero of the Philippines, will to go to war with his opponent, and ability to fight larger opponents has made him a fan favorite and loved around the world. Mayweather embarrasses his opponents with technique, and Pacquiao storms his opponents with power and speed. The two have yet to fight in what would be a dream made bout. “You’d have to be born on Mars not to know that the world wanted this fight” leslie-moonvesis what Leslie Moonves the CEO and president of CBS Corp. had to say. Moonves is credited to be a major factor in making the fight happen. Social media generated hundreds of memes and parodies of how the fight would never happen due to continuous excuses.

B8b6m1gIQAIrctLmaxresdefaultThe debate of who would win and why they need to fight has been featured on countless talk shows like First take on ESPN with Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith. Many other professional athletes and celebrities have also joined in on the debate of who they think would win like rapper 50 cent ex-friend of Mayweather. These talk show host and celebrities all keep the topic in mass media and the public eye creating a higher demand for this fight.

Tastemakers influence the public and constantly reinforce an idea into their heads. All the hype from these Tastemakers to the public has created a record-breaking prize for these fighters. “But the ability to sway or influence the taste of consumers can be worth millions of dollars.” Jack Lule writes about how much influence Tastemakers really do have on the population. Ed Sullivan made the Beatles phenomenon in one night and the Tastemakers today made this the record-breaking mega million-dollar fight it has become.

Will this so called fight of the century live up to it’s potential though? Both of the fighters are out of their prime and towards the end of their careers. Both men could just want one last payday and take it easy on each other. I hope for once something will out weigh the money and that’s legacy. Mayweather has the potential to go down as the greatest of all time if he beats Pacquiao. Pacquaio can be the first one to give Mayweather a beating and a loss. Both fighters are extremely competitive and have a lot on the line if they can upset their opponent. I think this fight will be an amazing showcase of two of the most talented athletes of our time. For this reason I believe this topic will remain popular for a long time. No matter who wins the fight it will be talked about for years. The disbelief that it actually happened, the excitement of the bell ringing in round, and the raising of the victor’s hand will be iconic images for years to come like the legendary fights of the past. A rematch has already been included in the contract if Mayweather loses. So there is also that possibility and I hope there is a rematch, considering I am a Pacquiao fan.


Game of Thrones: HBO to the Big Show


If you haven’t been following the show since its premier on April 17th, 2011, or haven’t binged watched all 40 episodes in the last week, chances are you have still heard of the hit show “Game of Thrones” GOT short. You can’t escape the wrath of HBO’s number one show of all time. Whether your friend has been talking your ear off about the show, you’ve seen a parody on Youtube, or seen it referenced on another hit TV series like “The Simpsons”, “The Office”, “The Big Bang Theory” or even The Tonight Show: starring Jimmy Fallon this Pop Culture phenomenon can be seen everywhere.


GOT is a Fantasy drama that takes place in a fictional world of Westeros  and Essos. “The Sopranos in middle-earth,” is the tagline showrunner David Benioff suggested for Game of Thrones. The Seven kingdoms of Westeros are in a constant struggle to rule the Iron Throne, and whoever sits upon the Iron Throne rules over all the kingdoms. The show has an endless amount of characters, that you love, then hate, then die when you least expect them to.941ee1180244859b313e38e56623c6e0

“Ned Stark”, played by Sean Bean, is considered to be the main character, and is the most honorable man in all of Westeros. But not even that will keep him alive. The show is not afraid to kill off main characters, which is one of the reasons viewers can’t afford to miss a single episode. There is also the White Walkers basically zombies with magical powers that trace back thousands of years in the North, that want to end life as we know it. A giant wall, made of ice and magic that is manned by the “Nights watch” is the only thing standing between Westeros and the White Walkers. This threat is an afterthought of the rulers of Westeros, almost thought of as ghost stories but “Winter Is Coming” the words of House Stark of the North who worship the old gods. Simultaneously, Daenerys Targaryen, a young girl who is the rightful ruler of the Iron Throne, gave birth to three Dragons, and is on a mission to reclaim what is hers.


Besides amazing characters, magic, zombies, dragons, vast lands, and a constant struggle for power, there is also sex and violence, two of the most appealing traits of American  television shows.

But why is this show so popular, and being talked about by everyone? One reason this show has become a King in the Pop Culture world is because it is based on the “Best Selling” book series by George R. R. Martin. With five books in the series, and who knows how many more to come, “A song of Ice and Fire” has already generated a huge following since the release of the first book “A Game of Thrones” in 1991. Even if you are more of a movie person and go to the theater you can’t escape the Iron Throne. Yes that’s right, this show is so amazing it’s being featured on the big screen, the real big screen. Season four’s last two episodes have been released for in IMAX Theaters from Jan 30th – March 5th, the first time any show has been featured in IMAX.

GOT has been campaigning this all over social media, and this is the main reason the show has remained so popular over the years. Its rule over social media keeps it fresh for fans and sparks the addiction to those who haven’t watched yet.

“Social networking sites, such as Facebook, and micro blogging services, such as Twitter, are another source of late-breaking information. When Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest in 2009,”RIP Micheal Jackson” was a top trending topic on Twitter before mainstream media first reported the news” (Lule).

The majority of the population uses social media sites for news and entertainment, especially with the use of smart phones. Just in this past week GOT has occupied a majority of social media sites. They always seem to have an article or parody video popping up every week on social media remaining a pop culture topic.

You may have come across a video of a guy breaking a 1,000-year-old Viking weightlifting record this week on social media. No surprise, he’s an actor from GOT. Strongman turned actor Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays “Gregor Clegane” also known as “The Mountain”, an 8 foot tall Knight with super strength who cuts horses heads off with a single swipe of his sword, just lifted a log weighing 1,433 lbs. and took five steps with it on his back. The Mountain had an epic fight last season against another character “The Red Viper” that left people talking and squirming after the extremely gory climax to the fight, even for GOT standards. Every month, or even this week there seems to be a new reason for Game of Thrones to remerge in the pop culture world. Whether it’s some new theories revealed about the show, the revealing of a new Character, or just the fact that the show is that GOOD!

This show has something for anyone (of age), and is a personal favorite of mine. I have read all the books and followed the show since the premiere. I have even spent hours just learning the ancient histories of the epic story that goes back thousands of years on Youtube known as “History and Lore”.

It is currently filming its fifth season, and shows no signs of slowing down. ­Just in this past week, GOT has occupied a majority of social media sites. Considering there is still three seasons to come, and more books on the way, I see Game of Thrones being a ruler of­­­­ pop culture for a long time to come. Even when the show ends, the hype will live on, with talks already in the works for spin-offs and possible feature length films. This show has generated a following that may even put Star Wars and Star Trek to shame one day!