About The Class


We will study classic media and pop culture theories to give us the critical background to think about how people are influenced by pop culture and the mass media. After deeply considering the existing conversation, we will create and publish our own critical Media and Pop Culture articles.


  • You will learn to use the WordPress software and each one of you will need to set up a WordPress log in.
  • I will give you all Author access to the site. See the Adding Users page for more info.
  • You will publish on Friday nights of your due week, before 8pm.
  • Students must read all the recent posts before the next class.
  • Each author will be expected to present the publication to the class that week in a brief 1-3 minute presentation that strives to explain the topic as a pop culture phenomenon.
  • You also get graded for commenting on at least 3 publications from other groups.
  • It is essential that you link to the project from one other social media:  Twitter or Facebook. This way you will be made aware instantly when the work gets published.

Social Media

Pop Culture Lab is linked to Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks and connected to our core group of cultural critics; our students will instantly experience the act of broadcasting new ideas and information.

The Consequences of Publishing

With publishing on the internet there are consequences. Never lie or try to act maliciously to anyone. That is not the goal of social criticism.  Your goal is to find insights.  Help readers see things differently and this can ever so slightly change minds; change enough minds and then you change the culture. Never plagiarize as you will fail and since you are publishing online legal action could be a possible consequence.


This is an experimental blog being used for the Media and Pop Culture course at AIPH. These posts are works in progress and are not meant as journalism or news. The opinions expressed are not representative of the instructor nor the Art Institute of Philadelphia. The public’s comments and feedback are welcome.

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