The Queen Of All Media

If you’re a fan of Wendy Williams, then you know that there is only one way to greet the ‘Queen Of All Media’… “HOW YOU DOIN’?”

Wendy Williams, is an American media personality, author, actress, comedian, and a day time talk show host. Wendy Williams currently hosts a television talk show called, The Wendy Williams Show. Prior to Wendy’s hit television show and her new proclaimed level of success, she was once a radio personality where she gained much respect in the industry. During her radio career she gained the name as, ‘The Queen Of All Media’ because of her scandalous interviews with celebrities. She is also known as the ‘Queen of Gossip’.

Although, Wendy Williams is at the height of her career, she is strongly disliked for her overly opinionated views on A-list celebrities, as well as her strong influence on shaping the opinion of others. On the other hand, Wendy Williams is strongly loved by her viewers for being a truthful critic. The Wendy Williams Show is currently in its sixth season, and she’s just celebrated her 1000th show!

I am definitely a huge fan of The Wendy Williams Show, because I love how well Wendy delivers her strong opinion to the world, as an opinion leader. Wendy Williams has many different entertaining segments within her hour long show, and each show begins with a twenty minute monologue of Hot Topics. Hot Topics, is a monologue of the latest celebrity gossip that is delivered without a script, to her live audience. Although, Wendy Williams laughs at the stupid actions of celebrities, and is a very judgmental critic, she always gives logical advice to those she openly speaks about. Wendy is able to provide logical advice based on the common lifestyle the celebrities share with one another.

Even more, each and every show, Wendy Williams has a celebrity guest whom she interviews on her infamous purple couch. During interviews, Wendy Williams question individuals about their future endeavors, any alleged rumors, and all of their personal “tea” if possible. As Wendy Williams interview celebrities, she hammers anyone with thee most outrageous questions! As a talk show host, her purpose is: “can you handle all of this Hollywood spotlight?”