“The Fast and The Franchise”

Driving fast down the highway dodging through traffic or racing your friends down a quarter mile road, it is safe to say, it has ran through everyone’s mind before. For those who are or have done it before understands the rush of doing that and for those who haven’t have wondered what it’s like. That’s where the Fast and The Furious franchise comes into play. They have heightened this drive (no pun intended) for everyone to enjoy and feel as though they are in the car with the actors. This underground world has emerged and gotten glorified by the masses. This franchise has increased the urge to look into and/or partake in the culture.


The racing world consists of two forms, legal and illegal, which the movie thrives on mostly. Legal races, in America, are held by the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) and the IHRA (International Hot Rod Association). These associations have designated areas that are just for them to perform these races. Then there are the illegal races that are not backed by any associations but are held just for the thrill and glamour of the sport. It can be as small as two friends racing or a mob of people. Taking the illegal form of the racing is what sky rocketed the Fast franchise.


From Wikipedia, the Neo-Gramscian theory states: approach to the study of International Relations (IR) and the Global Political Economy (GPE) that explores the interface of ideas, institutions and material capabilities as they shape the specific contours of the state formation. The Fast franchise has done exactly that. They have repackaged the pure and grittiness of illegal racing and sold it right back to the public to be glorified (and glorified it is). Thus, bringing forth a new culture for the world to see and be apart of without actually being apart of it physically. This causes the world to be immersed in the action and allowing the franchise to be as big as it is.


The Fast Franchise has really become apart of pop culture because of numerous reasons. The fact that it was able to hone in on the pureness and integrity of illegal racing during the transitioning of becoming “mainstream” is a big one. They could have done it and have been criticized by the people who actually partake in that culture. Another big reason is the actors that they casted and the characters portrayed by the actors. The characters portrayed were very relatable to everyone in some way, whether it was Dom who is family oriented or Bryan who is trying to find himself. With these relatable characters people feel like they know them. Which brings me to the actors themselves, because people feel so attached the actors through their characters, when Paul Walker died it broke the hearts of many people. Some people stated that there shouldn’t be anymore Fast movies because it won’t be the same without him. This franchise has become apart of our lives that we would buy the collection, go to the movies on opening night, and even stand in long lines if needed to watch it.

This franchise has kept people on the edge of their seats, even after it seemed like they would be finished. The creators have proven that they have put a lot of though and planning into the franchise, not only in the screening but the writing. Everything about this franchise was done great. If you have not seen the last six of them, I highly recommend it before the seventh one comes out. Yes, I am a fan of the franchise and cannot wait to go see the last one on April 3rd.

9 thoughts on ““The Fast and The Franchise”

  1. rasheedmhall says:

    I am a huge fan of the “Fast and Furious” franchise. I’ve line every movie except, ‘Tokyo Drift’, but other than that, their franchise has been one of the best driving franchises in history. Everyone knows that the death of Paul Walker will more than likely end the the series, but their legacy will TRUELY live the rest of time. Not only that, but the addition of The Rock, like we said in class, really does make this series even greater. The crooked cop that he portrays in the movie adds that excitement that we’ve been missing. Also by the series being so good, fans, such as myself really does start to connect with these characters. It seems as though we get so attached, we think we know them in real life. Other than that, I pretty much agree with the things you state in your article. Great post

    • ShanyP Productions says:

      Thanks man. I really appreciate that you like the article. I too feel that they should stop the series but it has been stated that Paul Walker’s brother could step into his place. Only time will tell.

  2. This was such a good article. I have watched all six of the Fast a Furious movies, and I can’t wait for the seventh. It was such a tragedy to hear that Paul Walker has passed away, because of his passing I have heard that his brother was going to take his place in continuing the productions of the Fast and Furious movies also. Do you think if they release a Fast and Furious eight that it would be just as popular as the ones before it without Paul Walker?

    • ShanyP Productions says:

      I can’t really say because I haven’t seen Paul Walker’s brother act. But I did hear rumors that he was in some of the ending scenes of 7. So only time will tell. However, they both favor each other so it is possible it can be done. Only time will tell.

  3. This was a really great article and explained clearly why the Neo-Gramscian theory has made these movies pop culture over the years. I remember seeing the first film years back and became a huge fan of the series. It seemed to boost the popularity of the illegal car racing scene and everyone wanting a car that the characters Dom and Bryan drove. After the second sequel the film seemed to start losing its popularity, but when the main characters were all brought back with the addition of the Rock helped reignite the series popularity. I have become of fan of the is series again and can’t wait for the newest movie coming out with Jason Statham as the villain it should be good.

    • ShanyP Productions says:

      Thanks! Yes, the fact that they are adding another big hitter in movies has definitely gained more interest because people, like me, are anticipating the fighting scenes/action that Statham will bring.

  4. mschri says:

    I am another fan of the “Fast and Furious” franchise. With the Fast and Furious saga now up to the 7th entry, Its making me wonder where are they going to go after their done with the 7th entire in the FF saga. In addition, if they’re going to make another FF movie, many people are curious how the FF saga is going to be like without Paul Walker in it. Personal, I dont see the FF saga dieing with the absence of Paul Walker character in it because since the 7th film is going to take place where the 3rd movie left off, that new character Sean Boswell is going to be taking over Brain O’Conner’s character’s role in being the ambitious and faster racer than everyone in the cast. With that said, I’m looking forward in seeing the 7th FF movie.

    • ShanyP Productions says:

      You have a point Mschri of them being able to make more FF movies; in the fact that the POV is being shifted. I didn’t think of it like that before. The writers would have to write in the death of Brain and Sean taking his place. Well only FF7 will tell what they did.

  5. The fast and the franchise. Has been one of the biggest. And has proved to be a major impact in today’s pop culture. Neo gramscin theory because it show a direct relation to how the franchise grew from within a small culture and then spread rapidly.

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