Pitch Perfect is Aca-Awesome


In 2012 Pitch Perfect, a musical comedy film, was released, receiving positive views from movie critics and the public.  The movie was a sleeper hit earning over $113 million worldwide and became the second highest grossing musical comedy film.  The plot of the movie follows the story of a women’s college a cappella group, The Barden Bellas, and their competition between the boys a cappella group, The Treblemakers.  Anna Kendrick plays a rebellious college student who in attempt to prove her musical talent, tries out for the women’s team, and although she makes the team, she is responsible for starting arguments and conflict due to her beliefs that the team needed a new approach if they wanted to win.  Despite the team’s troubles, they are able to work things out and continue on their quest to take down the Treblemakers, and win the championship.  Many of the cast member’s popularity have increased due to the success of the film and many of the songs from the soundtrack were also very popular making it the best selling soundtrack of 2013.  The success of the movie has lead to a sequel, Pitch Perfect 2 which is scheduled to be released in May of 2015.


Pitch Perfect was such a hit that it may be responsible for the rise to stardom for many of the cast members.  Two of the biggest names being the main character, played by Anna Kendrick, and “Fat Amy” , played by Rebel Wilson.  Kendrick has made appearances on talk shows such as Ellen, performed for live audiences and has also hosted Saturday Night Live.  The song “Cups”, sung by Anna Kendrick, from the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, charted on the billboard Hot 100 helping the popularity of the film.

Rebel Wilson played the hilarious character known as “Fat Amy”.  Pitch Perfect has had a huge impact on Wilson’s popularity, as her role in the movie led to many awards and award nominations.  Her physical comedy along with hilarious remarks, and lines led her to become a fan favorite.  Rebel Wilson has done interviews for talk shows, hosted award show, and is also responsible for voicing the animated kangaroo seen in commercials. Other members from the movie have gained recognition for their roles including, Skylar Astin, Brittany Snow, and Adam DeVine, along with others.  Bottom line is we are starting to see these actors and actresses everywhere as a result of the success of Pitch Perfect.


The movie Pitch Perfect has entered the pop culture world mainly because of the rise of these actors and actresses.  These appearances, interviews, and other forms of mass media have gained recognition not only for these actors, but also for the movie itself.  On Wikipedia.com John Storey gives six definitions of pop culture. “A third definition equates pop culture with mass culture’s and ideas. This is seen as a commercial culture, mass produced for mass consumption, by mass media.” Appearing here and there, and eventually everywhere has allowed the actors and actresses to promote Pitch Perfect as well as themselves. The movie was a success itself, but the ability of these cast members to appear in all different forms of mass media have allowed the film to grow even larger.       interview

rebel wilson

The success of Pitch Perfect leads me to believe that the sequel won’t disappoint.  The strong fan base will continue to follow up on their favorite character, and when Pitch Perfect 2 is released they will flood the theaters to continue the story that hook them in the first place.  The hype around this movie is here to stay for now.

One thought on “Pitch Perfect is Aca-Awesome

  1. I love pitch perfect! It’s a great movie. I noticed that it wasn’t just the actors and actresses that were shoved into the spotlight because of this movie. Acapella itself seemed to get more well known after the release of this movie. I even noticed a new singing competition that was all about acapella around the same time as this films release. Good job.

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