Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet

If you spent a decent amount of time on the internet you have probably heard of Reddit in one way, shape, or form. even if you don’t know what it is. So what is Reddit? Well Reddit is where people can post links to various articles, photos, videos, and more. People then can discuss what they feel/think about said link, and upvote or downvote said link. Reddit is then broken up into various subreddits. Each subreddit pertains to a more specific area, whereas the main Reddit page is a conglomeration of popular posts from the various subreddits. An example of subreddits would be /r/leagueoflegends, /r/funny/r/AskReddit, or /r/WTF. Reddit now-a-days has also been dubbed as “The Front Page of the Internet” by many.

A more in depth explanation of Reddit.

But what is it about Reddit, that caused it to grow so much? Well Reddit has been growing steadily albeit slowly as described in this article here. Reddit probably rose to such popularity  probably due to the fact that it is community based and community ran. With posts being created by the community and whether or not they rise to popularity or stay in the abyss is chosen by the community. Take Facebook, which will let you know whats hot or trending but only if someone on your friends list thinks so as well.

Take a quote that was in Mark Federman’s article, which talks about the Medium being the message and not the message itself.

“…the medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.”

So what does this quote mean? Well it says that the medium is the message. It is the medium that influences what the audience takes in. So a message that was delivered by video could be taken in differently if it were an article or letter. So how does this relate to Reddit. Well Reddit is the medium and it influences the message.

So take Justin Bieber for example. A tweet about Justin will carry different weight and meaning than a post on Reddit. Why is this? Because Reddit is community run and community driven. So if a post about Justin makes it to the front page, it is because the community wants it on the front page and believe it should stay on the front page.

Take another more disastrous example, and the Boston Bombing. A piece of the Reddit community took it upon themselves to find out who was behind the bombing, and using pictures from the scene to discover who it was that committed this crime. They eventually came to the conclusion of who it was only to be wrong which in the end caused that person to take their own life. But what is it about Reddit that makes this so much more impactful. Its because the ‘Reddit Detectives’ have 100% anonymity. Someone doesn’t need any personal information except their e-mail to sign up for Reddit. If this were a news program that led to this disaster, the new program would be in the crossfire, and maybe dedicated several minutes of their program to apologize to any who were affected by the tragedy.

So why is my take on Reddit? Well I think it will continue to grow slowly or rapidly. That because it is so community based that it will be relevant for a long time.

2 thoughts on “Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet

  1. Really liked the article. It’s basic enough for most to understand what reddit is and its pop culture qualities although I do believe comparisons between reddit and older sites/forums would again help them understand how its different than say wikiforum. The reading was an easy read but almost to much so. I feel some parts were over simplified while others could use a professional polish. A few of the words stick out as unprofessional or unquantifiable which greatly weakens the suggested implications of Reddit. One example is the use of the word “bit” when it is noted that the man who committed suicide after trending on twitter “for a bit.” An example of how destructive/additive trending could be would’ve also helped gauge the seriousness of such medium.

  2. This was a great post of Reddit. As a redditor myself, I believe it explained Reddit in a very simple way. I thought it was insightful on how you differentiated Reddit from social media like Facebook. This is a very interesting topic and I believe you could have touched on this a bit more. Reddit is anonymous, but at the center of it is the community. A large aspect of Reddit I think you could have gotten into is Reddit’s “hive mind”. Since the visible content of Reddit is usually what the community has upvoted, it tends to attract like minded people who like the upvoted content. This promotes conformity. Another aspect is it leads to a lot of armchair professionals like the detectives which caused that person’s suicide. All in all I very much enjoyed your post on Reddit

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