When Drones Fly

As the years quickly pass by, the the world we live in becomes more and more advanced. Things that could only be used by the select few are now accessible to more people. Drone technology has increasingly become a major part of today’s culture. This growing phenomenon has allowed better efficiency, and provided companies a cost-effective way to get the job done. Drone have been around for awhile mostly in the military. Now consumers can get their hands on unmanned drones and use them for a number of reasons. I believe that they are expanding into todays pop culture through Art, Agriculture and other ways that I will address later on.

Drone technology in today’s pop culture is still as infancy stage, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) are still making laws that would govern commercial unmanned drones. Currently commercial drones are restricted. One of the reasons why this is going on is because the FAA is trying to prevent aerial collisions. New laws have to be set in place so drones will not interfere with airline traffic. However within time the regulations will allow this new way of doing things to take off.

As a Filmmaker and Cinematographer I am inspired by the drone technology and the possibilities of it’s use in my own work. In a lot of the films that are made today many of the birds eye view shots were done with drones. Filmmakers have quickly begun to adapt this new technology to their own work. Jack Lule says “Along with encouraging a mass audience to keep an eye out for (or skip) certain movies, television shows, video games, books, or fashion trends, taste-making is also used to create demand for new products.” On Instagram I follow a filmmaker name Darren Miller, in away he’s a taste-maker. He specializes in aerial cinematography, and he has a number of drones. Miller’s work deeply inspires me and his  thousands of other follows as well.

Agriculture is another place drones are beginning to leave there mark. This will greatly enhance agriculture, and make farmers work more efficient. Drones have the ability to make precise calculations and apply the correct amount of pesticides in crop fields. This also saves a huge amount in costs, so that money  could be used more effectively. This is a great way of agriculture adapting this new technology within their own culture. They have now begun to use this technology to enhance the way they do their daily jobs.

Lastly, many of other companies have seen the benefits of using drone technology in their businesses. Companies like Amazon have thought about using it for delivery methods. They have predicted that it could be used as same day delivery so they can meet their customers need. Likewise, the government even plans to use drones to send different packages. All the more drone technology will change the way things are transported, and accelerate people’s daily lives. But like Linda Holmes says in her article what monkeys eat “It’s good to know and think about what people ought to watch and read and listen to, ideally; all that is good stuff, and worth talking about, and worth arguing about.” This is true because drone Technology it’s quickly becoming part of our pop culture. It is becoming what more people talk about and will soon be what they’re be in contact with in their daily life.

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