Long Live Deadpool

Deadpool, the famous 4th wall breaking, no filter, anti-hero of the Marvel Universe. This character has been continually growing in popularity and has managed to become known as not just a comic book nerds’ hero to being a pop culture figure that most people would recognize.

In case you do not know of Deadpool, I’ll share a little bit about him. Most people want to see the hero behind the mask but with Deadpool, that may not be the case. Due to his ability to regenerate very rapidly and having cancer, he has basically become a walking tumor and his skin is quite messed up. He knows how to use most forms of weaponry, but he tends to favor his duel swords. He is a mercenary so he usually does what he wants and what makes him more money. Sometimes that leads to him helping other heroes, but occasionally this also has him fighting those same heroes. He is obsessed with tacos and women and himself. Overall he does whatever he finds funny and beneficial to himself.

Why does this one character in particular stand out? The answer relates to what Lynda Holmes suggests in “What Monkeys Eat: A Few Thoughts About Pop Culture Writing” about monkeys and why things become pop culture:

“Justin Bieber, Duck Dynasty,  Breaking Bad, Gravity, and — yes — even Miley Cyrus twerking are all examples of what monkeys eat. Some good, some bad, some completely baffling. But all things that are making their way into a lot of people’s thinking, and provoking all kinds of conversations that we might not have otherwise.”

These are examples of things and people that do questionable or ridiculous things that people fall in love with.  These relate to Deadpool because he too does what he wants whenever he wants, whether it’s running into heavily armed facilities guns blazing, trying to hook up with any girl possible, or even killing all of the Marvel heroes. He does whatever he wants, which entertains and interests people. It makes them want to talk about his wild shenanigans.

Everything about him is absurd and completely random. It keeps his viewers constantly guessing as to what he will do next. He obsesses over tacos and and his famous catch phrase is “chimichangas.”  He has comic books and makes television appearances, as well as his own video game and movie, coming out in 2016. Typically you can even find legions of Deadpool cosplays at various cons.

The Deadpool movie in itself showed how much of a pop culture character he has become. Test footage from the movie, never meant to be released, was leaked and the fans’ reaction were so great and numerous that they decided they would indeed be making a movie. Originally they were going back and forth about whether or not it would be worth making but because of the reaction from our pop culture, the movie will be made.

Overall, Deadpool is a Marvel anti-hero that people tend to enjoy for his crazy do what he wants random personality. He is unique with his inappropriate jokes and breaking of the 4th wall on a regular basis. He has become a figure of pop culture because of how unique he is it makes people want to talk about his bizarre antics and even if this monkey isn’t the best role model people are entertained by him and enjoy watching him. As long as he maintains his shock and appall style he will remain a popular character in and out of the nerd universe.

6 thoughts on “Long Live Deadpool

  1. I too find Deadpool to be completely awesome, but not so much for his ability to kick ass, but because he breaks the 4th wall. A trait of his that seems almost unique, I know Spider-Man does this as well especially in his animated series Ultimate Spider-Man. But who else really?

  2. I’m not the biggest superhero fan, but my sister, and bother law are which forces me to be some-what of a fan. When finding out who Deadpool was, and how his personally is I found him to be very interesting and different from other superheroes. I am actually excited to see a movie come out, and hear the feed backs, and comparisons to the comic books. Do you feel the movie will be just as good as the comic book?

    • My only concern with the movie is that the new writers for the movie are attempting to keep it pg-13 and that might require toning him down overall because he tends to be more rated R. Between the gore that his comics do have and his crude humor, I’m afraid we might lose a little bit of that in the movie if it stays pg-13.

  3. After reading this article, I’ve grown completely fond of Deadpool. I knew a little bit about this character, but what really surprise me was how his personality and 4th wall breaking reached the masses. You do a really good job at explaining how Deadpool’s randomness and absurdity appeal to many people, and provoke their way of thinking.

    The only thing I’d be wary of is spoiling the entire Deadpool video game. Again, I didn’t know much about Deadpool, or that his popularity sparked a videogame. So that its convenient for those who aren’t familiar with Deadpool, you can create a hyperlink to the video and warn us that spoilers will be shown in the video.

    But overall, This was a very good article to read, and this marvel character will live on for a very long time.

  4. I thought that this was a rad article that does Deadpool a lot of justice (not that he REALLY needs it). Although he’s gotten huge recently, I feel like he could use even more exposure. I like the focus shift into how sporadic and absurd he is, with the odd catchphrase and his absurd quippy comedy. Long live Deadpool!

  5. Deadpool is without a doubt, quite a fascinating character, and perhaps one of my favorites in all the marvel universe. In a sense, I see Deadpool as a bridge between all things that comic book readers love. He’s funny, for sure, but at the same time he’s an extraordinarily dark and serious character when you think about it. He’s an immortal murdering psychopath with aggressive cancer who’s essentially in a constant hallucinatory mental state. He’s an absurd, quirky freak-show of a character who exists in his own little world somewhere between our world and the Marvel world. He talks to us about as much as he talks to the other fictional characters he interacts with and there’s just something very interesting about that. Anyway, you did a great job summing up a very strange character in how he relates to pop culture!

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