What Did Kanye Say?

Now I know to some the tittle may have placed a sour image in your mind, to others you may be eager into hearing what I have to say. Mr West is a very controversial man and it seems like he built his entire image off of it. I think it is safe to say almost everyone has heard of something wacky Kanye has done, whether it was good or bad. One thing is for sure Kanye aka Yeezus knows exactly what he is doing. Some think he is crazy, but in a way to me he is somewhat a bit of a genius. How can I say he is a genius? Here is the exact reason why, Kanye is well-known in the world of pop culture. He knows no matter what he does that the media will film and the public will watch. You’re probably thinking why does this matter why should it matter? Why do people even entertain his antics? Or you’re on the opposing side and think he is entertaining and don’t mind his antics.

I want to bestow a quote on you from Linda Holmes, “If you think monkeys are fascinating and you want to understand and be of value to them, it’s not enough to be an expert on what monkeys should ideally eat. You need to understand what monkeys actually eat”.

MTV Video Music Awards 2009 Americas sweetheart Taylor Swift goes to accept her VMA for best female video. As soon as she goes to give her speech here comes Kanye snatching the mic from her on live television saying ” Taylor I’m going to let u finish but Beyonce had one of the best video of all time”. He then drops the mic heads off stage leaving the crowd in an up roar. Later Kanye did an interview on The Ellen show, she asked him what made him do that. Kanye replied back I’m a solider of culture.

Kanye vs 50Cent, Kanye said he could out sell fellow rapper 50Cent and he announced that he was going to drop an album the same day 50 was set to release his. Both albums were not expected to do well. The album was set to drop september 11,2010. The release date was controversial on its own because it was on the anniversary of 9/11. 50 and Kanye graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine over the fun spirited album beef. Kanye indeed blew 50 out the water, off of the first six days a lone. 50 sold 691,000 copies, and that couldn’t compare to Kanye’s 957,000 copies according to Billboard. Jay-z CEO of Def Jam Recordings said  “This is a great day for Kanye West and a fantastic day for hip hop and artistry, it’s a good sign that heartfelt and sincere honest music can do these types of numbers”.  

The unveiling of Kanye’s Yeezus album, Yeezy aka Kanye made a short film inspired by American Psycho.The short film features E! stars Jonathan Cheban and Scott Disick. The video is pretty sick and explains Yeezus ideas and why he approached the album in the way he did.

During a radio interview conducted by Sway on XM radio in November 2013. Kanye compares him self to Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Andy Warhol. Saying he is the most impactful artist of his time  “He is Shakespeare in the flesh”. He goes off on Sway stating nobody wants to invest in his ideas, and they should because he knows what the people want.

Whether you like him or not he doesn’t care. He is confident and speaks what is on his mind. Does he do it to entertain or is that just who he is? I think Kanye is pop culture because in this judgmental world he isn’t afraid to speak his mind or be the bad guy. Some people wish they could say how they feel but don’t because of the backlash that comes from being your self in today’s society. In a way he is some what heroic, we all wish we had that freedom to just be who we are. That is the reason why people choose to watch him , because they wish they could be that free. Yea he may go about things the wrong way, but hey Kanye will always be Kanye.

“What more could you ask for the international ass hole”. – Yeezus

3 thoughts on “What Did Kanye Say?

  1. I love Kayne West because he is so controversial. I find him entertaining. Even though his comments, and actions may be inappropriate sometimes, he does not hold his tough for anyone. His lyrics back up his actions too. I think that’s what makes his music that much better. Do you think that if Kayne West was a kind hearted gentleman (opposite to what he portrays himself to be today) that his music would be as popular?

    • You know i think his music would be some what popular. Not as big though, he is a real artist to me so i think he would be able to adapt to anything. Him being so raw is what makes him unique

  2. gabrielaantonas says:

    I really liked this article because I hadn’t seen a couple of those videos and I really enjoyed them especially the Kanye walking into the sign thing; that cracked me up. Also I had no idea about the American Psycho spoof video, the acting is horrible and it’s cheesy but I like that they went there. The fact that they even decided to do that makes it apart of pop culture and brings the movie American Psycho back into current Pop culture. I like Kanye and this wife; furthermore, I respect him as an artist. I love how scandalous he is. I have never liked Taylor Swift and I thought what he did to her at the VMA’s was funny too, although it did just make her more liked by the public because the media made it such a big deal.
    “Yeezy taught me!”

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