Taylor Swift is Fearless


When we think of some of the most successful and well known artists over the last decade, Taylor Swift has to be on everyone’s lists. The singer-songwriter burst into the scene in 2006 and has been creating music that we love….. or hate, ever since. Taylor Swift was well known in country music early on in her career, but has shifted to pop music over the last few years.  She started off as a quiet, innocent country musician, who was able to create songs that her fans could relate to.  As her fame grew it seems as though she did too.  What was once a young quiet country singer, was no more as she has now taken on the role of a pop diva.  Her music changed and so did her attitude. Whether you’re a fan of Swift, you can’t stand how every song is about the same thing, or you are indifferent towards her, but simply find yourself singing her songs, she’s finding a way into all of our heads.


I recently found myself jamming to one of Taylor Swift’s songs as I drove home from school. Now I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift, but I couldn’t help sing along because she does a very good job at creating catchy tunes. Like I mentioned earlier there are people who like Taylor Swift, people who are annoyed by her, and people like me who don’t care, but can’t pass up a good song.  Seeing T-Swift everywhere has earned her a spot in the center of pop cutlture discussions.  On wikipedia.com, John Storey lists six different possible definitions of pop culture. He states,” a third definition equates pop culture with “mass culture and ideas”. This is seen as a commercial culture, mass produced for mass consumption by mass media.”  She’s become so popular because of the media, one could argue it’s because of her ability to make headlines as opposed to her music.

There are many examples of times when Taylor Swift has blown up is discussions due to the media.  She isn’t just making noise due to the success of her music. Over the holidays, she demonstrated why she has so many loyal fans, along with why she is a kind genuine person in general. She posted a video of herself wrapping and giving boxes full of gifts to her fans and their reactions. A comment from her YouTube channel read as, “I experienced so many moments of true love this year, and all of them were with you. Here’s to more magic in 2015.”

Another headline that was well known involving Swift was her being at the center of the VMA incident where Kanye West interrupted her stating, “I’m happy for you…. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.” This affair led to memes, and parodies, and was a pop-culture phenomenon itself. She’s continued to stay atop the music charts, as well as remaining a prominent figure in pop-culture.


In Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Media, by Jack Lule, he defines pop-culture as “the media, products, and attitudes considered to be part of the mainstream of a gswift14f-1-webiven culture and the everyday life of common people.” There’s no doubt that Taylor Swift is a talented artist, but this quote can directly relate to why she is part of pop-culture. She may just be your typical successful pop singer, but with the aid of various forms of mass media such as, magazine articles, YouTube channels, television appearances, and radio, Swift has found her way into the everyday life of average people. It may be your grandmother’s morning talk show, reading the magazines as you wait for the dentist, or even a 21 year old male belting out, ‘WE ARE NEVER, EVER, EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!”.  Regardless of who you are and where you are, Taylor Swift may be right there with you. The buzz surrounding T- Swift is product of the combination of her musical abilities, and marketing through mass media.


T- Swift is still young and shows no signs of slowing down. As long as her hits reach the radio, and she continues to win over people through the media, Taylor Swift will be around for many years to come. Which I won’t mind because it’s always fun to blare the music and jam out with her.

2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift is Fearless

  1. Let me start by saying I am a huge T Swift fan. I love all of her songs, they are very catchy. I agree with that and even if your not a fan you kind of find your self knowing at least one song even if its not by choice. She gets so much air play its crazy, i will admit that it can be over whelming to someone who isn’t a fan. That’s why most people don’t like her because its being shoved down their throats, but you cant blame her blame her marketing team. She also transitioned well from a huge country star into being a huge pop star. She made it look o so effortless like anyone can do it, but they cant. She has grown a lot in her career and it shows through her music. Its funny how she grew up basically in the public eye and she still remains humble and isn’t crazy like most of the teen singers who are all grown up now. I like the video because it shows that she is actually a sweet person like everyone would assume. I also think its funny how she talks to her cats, she is the crazy cat lady just like me.

  2. I enjoyed your article on Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is probably the biggest pop star in the world right now. I think this is an example of the media talking about what people want to hear. People are obsessed with Taylor Swift and want to know everything about her. So naturally she’s on the radio, on tv, and on youtube 24/7. This also make people who don’t like her hate her. I also find it ironic that Kanye West brought even more attention to Taylor Swift with the whole grammy incident. After that it seemed like she went viral. I agree with the other comment that Taylor Swift grew up pretty humble for being in the spotlight for so long. She portrays herself very well and seems to be a good role model for many people.

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