“To Praise Or Not To Praise”

For many years music have been placed in different genres to differentiate the style; such as, Pop, Reggae, Rap, Christian and so on. However, artists have taken certain styles and formats from other genres to incorporate in their music to fuse two genres and make them one. Some people enjoy the fused music and the artist is praised for it, on the other hand, others are condemned for it, such is true when it comes to Christian music and Rap music. Separately these two have gotten glory but when fused the two have gotten praised by the younger generations and mostly condemned by the older generations. The way of the music era has shifted quite profusely and what could have been meant for one thing it is seen as another. The fusing of the two is not bad in a sense, but it is how one differentiates an artists’ music from becoming secular music and staying non-secular no matter which realm the music is being played.

I believe Christian-Rap music moving into the secular realm is Pop Culture because it is becoming the modern culture for the younger people to praise God and even catching the ears of some older generations. To me music is music no matter what the genre is or if it’s popular secularly or non-secularly. It is a form of expressing ones feelings, thoughts, or conveying a story verbally. The fact that people are talking and conversing about the form of music, whether it’s good or bad, is what makes this pop culture. The form has broken out from the little box and spread to the mass. It’s like Linda Holmes said in, What Monkeys Eat:

“… this piece about important versus unimportant stories. How did we get to the point where we’re spending so much time with stories that aren’t about “war or peace or anyone’s ability to find work,” but instead on “fluff”?”

It is unimportant if it becomes popular among the secular music or not but more important that it’s still promoting the underlining purpose of praising God? If the new way of praising God reaches the masses, people should be happy about that because it is a chance to win more souls for the kingdom. This also ties into the, Agenda Setting Theory, of the media can’t tell you how to think but what to think about. This means that if the media plays more of the fused Christian-Rap based music then it would draw people in, especially the younger generation, to want to know more. They are already hearing these forms of Rap music with no lyrical substance to it so why not draw them in with the same boastful sounds with lyrical substance to change their lives.

The action of a Christian is to be the light of the world and lead people to Jesus. Music is a form that helps lead and at one point in time hymns were the main form. Now it is Christian-Rap and it has bled into the secular, which is why I believe people have argued against it. One artist who has stepped out into the forefront of this is Lecrae. His style of Christian-Rap drew recognition and elevated him, which caused his name to be known on both the non-secular and secular realm. He has taken his light and shared it with others and has drawn people to God. With his movement he also has drawn other Christians to stand for their belief in God and to not be ashamed of doing so like the verse in the Bible stated in Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” I ask, is that not what we are supposed to do as Christians? If one way is not working, why not try a new way to reach a new generation of people. Yes, Christians are in the world but not of it, which goes the same for Christian-Rap being in the secular realm. Lecrae’s music winning a Grammy and bleeding into the secular realm, causing his music to be played on many secular stations and places, has opened the eyes of other people. I personally have had the pleasure to hear his songs while working out and singing them, which cause a conversation between my friends and I because they had not heard it until then.


Spreading the word, love, and drawing people to Jesus is the sole mission of a Christian. Yes, the music has it’s own realm which it stays in but it was not made to be contained in that realm alone. Many artists have tried new methods to cross into the secular realm to reach the masses but have only been able to crack the surface. With the help of the media, using the Reinforcement Method, which states: that people seek out and remember information that provides cognitive support for their pre-existing attitudes and beliefs, the Christian-Rap genre can go far. Linda Holmes stated in her, Why Pop Culture Matters, “people are just thirsty for anything that feels real.” As the Christian-Rap bleeds over to the secular realm, those people are able to see the passion, real, and unashamed, causing them to be saved and not lost.

Sway In The Morning: Speaks on the origin of Rap and how Lecrae is reinsurance of “true Rap”

Author: Jella G

2 thoughts on ““To Praise Or Not To Praise”

  1. I think it’s funny that people are up in arms about Lecrae’s music being on secular radio stations. I have heard PLENTY of “inspirational gospel music being played on R&B stations and often. The audience loves that. I believe that Lecrae’s existence within the secular atmosphere is sort exposing the tactics of today’s rap artists. When I think about the purpose or message behind R&B songs, they’re usually love songs or “please forgive me songs” lol and I think that atmosphere of music is conducive for the inspirational gospel singer. But the message within today’s rap songs are so far from “pure” or honest that Lecrae’s messages are in complete contrast to what’s on rap stations and that does cause/expose an awkward divide. Don’t get me wrong. I am all about infiltrating the world with salt and light and I think Lecrae is doing a great job even with many oppositions. This entire controversy just makes me think about the divide and what type of influences people are gaining from hearing secular rap music day in and day out.

    • ShanyP Productions says:

      Yes you hit many good points. More importantly the part of Lecrae’s message exposing the awkward divide. But honestly we have to look at the people that are listening to the stations. If they were to call up and request “pure” music (not just gospel music) then the stations would be forced to play them. We the listeners have been “brainwashed” for what the more popular stations play.

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