How 3D Printing will Revolutionize our Daily Living

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As the future progresses, new technology is revealed to society to make everyone’s daily living a bit more easier. 3D printing, a technology that has shown much attraction in the media with the technology’s capabilities to print 3D digital content. This technology has shown a wide range of possibilities such as printing life scale houses, human body parts and even foods you can eat. These 3D printing capabilities is presented by the mass media and how great it will make everyone’s life easier and relaxful.

The mass media is getting everyone excited over the more accessible and affordable 3D printing technology for constructing any type of building from all over the globe. The audience who receive this message get excite over the possibilities that the technology is now capable of doing. With proven evidence shown in the mass media people are easily convinced. In China, they have used the 3D printing technology to build houses and even mansions. Piece of the media has release an article called “China Just 3D-Printed a Five-Story building Like It’s No Big Deal” from “”. In the Article, “A Chinese construction firm called WinSun Decoration Design Engineering has 3D-printing a five-story apartment building and a 11,840-square-foot Neoclassical mansion. These new structures are also made of recycled wastes such as soda can and plastic bottles. One massive 3D printer was used to construct the buildings using the recyclables wastes.“ Other than China, the mass media is posting and publishing many articles, pictures, videos, podcast, and blogs of a bunch of buildings being printed from different countries. The mass media has convinced many people in giving them insight that this technology has a lot of promising benefits for the future.

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Even in the medical industry the media has spread the message that 3D printing can prove useful in this field.The media explains that 3D printing technology has the capabilities to print human organs and body parts. On “” their is an article called, “3D printers to make human body parts? It’s happening” that discuses the use for the technology for treating patents. In the article it states, “Six-year-old Alex Pring of Groveland, Fla., tries out the prosthetic arm created for him by a team of engineering students at the University of Central Florida. The arm was created for a cost of around $350 using off-the-shelf electrical servo motors and custom machined components created on a 3D printer. ” With this being evidential to the message given by the media, people will no longer have to worry about a being greatly depressed over a lost limb or organ. In addition, the media has given their audience a glimmer of hope mentally and when the time comes, their physical health will be cared for.

Lastly, The news media has expressed that 3d printing is also capable in printing real food that can be eaten. In addition, they nugged their audience and shout that their wish has been fulfilled. The mass media uses example from The Back to The Future franchise when a character from the film receives an instant fully cooked pizza in a matter of a few seconds. In an article called, “Breaking convention: New 3D food printer makes edible cookies” from the website, “”. In the article it states, “XYZPrinting 3D Food Printer promises to stretch the boundaries of creative food making, as it allows to print any style of uncooked cookies and other dough-based pastries within minutes. ” The news media that this will be the future of the culinary industry because of it’s low cost prices and options for making creative presentable food designs to their hungry customers.

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The possibilities of 3D printing technology is almost endless and I’m personally very excited for it. In addition, I’m not the only one who feels the excitement of this kind of technology according to the mass media. Mark Federman explains, “a medium is ‘any extension of ourselves.’ Classically, he suggests that a hammer extends our arm and that the wheel extends our legs and feet. Each enables us to do more than our bodies could do on their own.” With the use of 3D printing, many things is possible and with the power of using it, making our lives much easier and creative indulged in many characteristics.  I would love to print my own creations that I design or buy off of some store’s library in real plastic objects or have an elaborate dessert in front of me. Not to mention a house that I can have printed from a huge 3D printer in a empty lot somewhere of my chosen. The future is here with the use of 3D printing technology and it is only begun according to a bunch of media sources I have encountered throughout online and in published magazines.

2 thoughts on “How 3D Printing will Revolutionize our Daily Living

  1. Even since I heard about the 3D printer I was always interested in knowing how it actually works. Just the fact that they have printers that are able to creating 3D objects shows how much technology is advancing.
    When I heard of 3D printing I thought that they were only capable of printing toy size objects (probably because I never saw one before). Now I know that they are able to create buildings and even prepare food, it brings things to a whole different level (even though I wouldn’t so big on eating the food).

  2. I think 3D printing is pretty neat. I find it amazing that people have discovered a working “magic wand” that can grant one’s most interesting desires. Like I said in class, I waited 2 years for my first kidney and 4 years for my second one… this could be a big deal if it catches on!
    I recently saw a video on t.v. about the young boy in your video receiving a 3D printed prosthetic Iron Man arm from Robert Downy Jr. That was cool.

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