The Hero In All of us

It would be the coolest thing to go around fighting crime, chasing bad guys, and becoming something stronger than the average human being. In the same way Comic Book films have enticed audiences within recent years, with a rapid amount of movies being released. The audience has that same deep yearning, and connection to super heroes as well? They relate to These Films have become increasingly more relevant in today’s pop culture. They have become a huge success and are simultaneously breaking box office records. With films like  “Guardians of the Galaxy, The Batman Trilogy (Christopher Nolan) and Avatar (James Cameron)” just to name few to the many films that have grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. Marvel and DC comics have films that are planed to be released 10 years from now, in hope that the hunger for these films will still remain.


Times have changed and also the ability to create films that people want to see has changed as well. In the 1930s Marvel and DC Comic publishing companies were founded. Some of today’s most popular characters were created during that decade. At that time books were the medium and could express the ideas in comic books, whereas film at that time could not. Super hero films are becoming increasingly popular in today’s culture largely due to changing times according to screenplay writers Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely who worked on Captain America: The winter soldier.

“In some ways, we’ve become a genre that you can do well now given the world of computers and perhaps it’s also just a time in the sun. You went to the movies in the 50s and 60s you went to a western. So at this point, you’re going to a superhero movie.”

Like Markus and Mcfeely mentioned in the 50s and 60s westerns were popular through-out that culture. Cowboy’s were the super hero’s of their world. The environment and overall way of life effected what filmmakers portrayed in their films. In addition, the advancement of computer technology helped to better tell the stories on film. Now with CGI and rapid advancements in special effects, comic book movies can now come to life on film. With the realistic was the original creators would have wanted them to.

As a whole we gravitate to these types of films because it speaks to us in a deep way. In almost every super hero film is a story of someone trying to fight life’s obstacles preventing them from becoming something greater. We feel connected to their story because in a way it’s the foundation of what we try to achieve it in our own lives.

“the attraction to superhero films is largely based on the same attraction toward adventurism and escapism that speaks to certain classic storytelling traditions and mythology.” (Mark Hughes)

batman slap

When watching a film I want to escape in the world that is created within it, and go along with the characters that are apart of the story. Hughes talks in his article about how the audiences attraction to super hero films is based on adventurism. We see them going from just ordinary to becoming extraordinary. This has increasingly become a pop culture phenomenon, even attracting the attention from non comic book movie fans. In resent years its become the main topic of conversations. Even when parents go to see it with their children they become hooked the movies themselves.

“Popular culture is more the view from the ground. It’s looking around at people you both live and work past, looking at what they’re listening to and reading and thinking about, whether it’s what they ought to thinking about or not.” (Linda Holmes)

Linda Holmes refers to pop culture something that spread by the people we live and work around. Super hero films had that same effect you couldn’t go anywhere with out hearing someone talking them. The media plays the biggest part in this by constantly showing advertising, and merchandising products from ever film is creates. Hollywood has seen the potential market from these films and has taken big steps to keep them popular for years to come.

3 thoughts on “The Hero In All of us

  1. ShanyP Productions says:

    It’s so crazy to see fads be recreated throughout time, like the start of Comic Books and the booming of it in its time. Then it faded out and as new technology, such as movies, became more advanced it regenerated the fire of the comic world. There was the time for reading the pages and be sucked in, to now being able to see what were once pages become real.

    Jella G.

  2. It’s always a thrill to recreate your favorite hero. It’s also fun when they become a part of your life to where you can relate to your hero and start to act out in certain ways like them. As our heroes and villains get recreated and upgraded with the help of our special effects and explosions, its no surprise people everywhere start to dress up as there favorite idol. There’s never a moment that goes by where a problem cannot be solved by big explosions, dramatic action music & kick butt fighting scenes. I still get a kick out of reading the comics, but its always feel better when you watch the film in I-max. The rise of special effects and CG animation will continue to make our heroes more awesome looking and the action more spectacular.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this article and seeing as it kind of relates to my second article “Long Live Deadpool” I felt a need to read and comment. I do believe this superhero action movie trend will continue for a while, but I think i will eventually die out. That will probably happen somewhere between the end of this Marvel movie series, as of now Avengers 3 pt 2, and DC getting the Justice League out. I think one of the reasons these movies have been so popular is that for the most part they follow the comics and also the all tie together while still telling their own stories. They have also been some of the main action movies in theaters for the last few years I think, and as more come out like the new set of Star Wars movies, the obsession with the superhero movies will quite down.

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