Michael Jackson: The King of Pop


Michael Jackson who is known as the King of Pop, whose legacy continues to live on through five years after his death in 2009. He is well known by his many talents such as being a songwriter, a singer, performer, dancer and an actor. People are still inspired by his gifts shown in his performances, recordings and choreography. Michael Jackson is a powerful icon that moved many generations. It’s unlikely that people don’t know who Michael Jackson is because his music is all over the world and social media. Teens in Japan, millennials in the USA, and retirees in England all share a passion for his creativity. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop right?

In the Baltimore Sun, Jill Rosen wrote how Michael Jackson changed the world in seven ways. Rosen mentioned he changed the world in: sound, dance, fashion, videos, influence and being a celebrity. Michael Jackson’s sound didn’t sound like other artists who performed. He was Michael Jackson. He wrote a lot of his own music. He explored many genres in his music and made it unique. Michael’s dance moves came from watching the man he looked up to, James Brown. He is well known for the “moonwalk”. Even though a choreographer taught him how to moonwalk, it became Michael signature. Everyone in the crowd would go crazy to see Michael slide across the floor.

I can admit Michael Jackson had a strange taste in clothes but we knew that was his look. He loved to wear something shiny like shiny pants, jackets and let’s not forget the gloves. Michael Jackson outfits are popular costumes for Halloween for all ages. Everybody wanted to imitate him including his style and dance moves. In music videos like Thriller he wore a red jacket that everybody was dying to where. Everybody wanted to dress like him. Throughout the years Michael Jackson inspired so many people. He inspired people like Chris Brown, Usher, and Ne-yo. Michael music is what moved people today. Michael Jackson became popular and many people recognized his name and talents. There was no way you can avoid Michael Jackson dancing and singing on stage. People were easily attach to his curly hair, dance moves and clothes. Michael inspired people to dance more. Everyone looked up to him. Michael Jackson broke racial barriers in the music industry. He did something to change the entire world. On CNN.com, Michael Jackson changed the music industry when he broke sales record for the 1982 album, Thriller. He was the first African American icon to change the industry. Michael appearance started to change and everybody was talking about it.

On CNN.com, there were rumors about Michael bleaching his skin but that was not true. Michael Jackson had a health condition called vitiligo, which is a disorder that destroys skin pigmentation. His fans thought he didn’t want to be black anymore. Michael never faded away from being black but his music still showed it. Michael had to face being seen as a different person but that didn’t stop Michael. Michael Jackson talks about his health condition with Oprah Winfrey below.

On CNN.com there was a quote by Rev. Al Sharpton stating, “Michael Jackson made culture accept a person of color way before Tiger Woods, way before Oprah Winfrey, way before Barack Obama,” said the Rev. Al Sharpton. “Michael did with music what they later did in sports and in politics and in television. And no controversy will erase the historic impact.” Michael Jackson did the same thing as Martin Luther King when he made an impact to the world. Martin Luther King speech changed nations from his famous speech called, I Have a Dream. Martin Luther King inspired Michael Jackson because he mentioned him in his song called, They Don’t Care About Us. Michael did everything for his fans even though he was being talked about.

Michael Jackson didn’t become pop culture just by having good dances moves with a unique singing voice. Michael’s father had spread his talents along with his brothers to people he knew. People started to see Jackson 5 group singing and dancing and they all loved it. His dance moves was something no one saw. Michael Jackson was the lead so people were amazed at how a young boy can lead Jackson 5.

Pop culture and American media are inextricably linked—it’s no coincidence that Jenny Lind, the Beatles, and American Idol were each promoted using a then-new technology—photography for Lind; television for the Beatles; the Internet and text messaging for American Idol. For as long as mass media have existed in the United States, they have helped to create and fuel mass crazes, skyrocketing celebrities, and pop culture manias of all kinds. Whether through newspaper advertisements, live television broadcasts, or integrated Internet marketing, media industry “tastemakers” help to shape what we care about. Even in our era of seemingly limitless entertainment options, mass hits like American Idol still have the ability to dominate the public’s attention.  – In “Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication” Jack Lule

Most importantly, this quote relates to how Michael Jackson became popular. Michael Jackson changed the world with his gifts and music. He inspired people to work hard in what they do whether it was music, dance, etc.  Michael had fans wearing the clothes he was wearing. They wanted to be like him. Every time people wore Michael clothes they felt like they was the King of Pop. He was also a fashion icon. One of the most legendary accessories Michael wore was a white glove. On MTV.com Joceyln Vena writes, No matter what Jackson wore before or after he introduced the white glove to his aesthetic in the ’80s, it would be the defining fashion moment in a career full of groundbreaking style.

Michael fascinated people  because he always connected with his fans. He will always shout out to his fans saying, “I love you!” He shared personal information to the world about how he was abused and he wanted to be loved. Michael Jackson loved everyone so much that he used to visit hospitals to put a smile on a child face. He did everything he can to help people in need. His music will always make us feel connected with him. It’ s like his music hits our souls sometimes. Some of his music is informational and makes us think and try to do better. Michael Jackson just wanted the world to be a better place then what is it now.

Michael Bush who designed Michael Jackson clothes for a quarter of a century looks back on the styles of the King of Pop.

His music moved people when they were down. He made people feel proud of their nationality whether they were black, white, Indian, etc. Michael Jackson had a plan to make music everyone would like. Even though he made music that made him happy, people still liked how he mixed different genres in his music. He had pop music to gather the pop fans. He added rock to gather the rock fans and so many other genres. This is why Michael Jackson legacy lives on through generations.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: The King of Pop

  1. Michael was definitely the “King of Pop”, and was a true trail blazer for not only African-Americans but also for the music industry as a whole. He was the first to not be afraid to take risks and do his music on his morales. Do you feel present day music would be any where what it is today without him? Or if he was to be just starting his career in today’s times would he have the same impact on future music like he did on today’s music. I do feel he is still pop culture even though he is also main stream ? Due to the fact new generations find and explore his music and he still gets that injection into the pop culture with every new generation and all the while the tastemakers perpetuate him into that mainstream status as well.

    • There is no way you can say what would happen if Michael Jackson started his career today. Many people came before him that impacted the world. James Brown came before Michael Jackson. James Brown was a legend too. We can only talk about the present and not the future. No one knows the future. Michael Jackson had a talent that many people recognized because he was unique. No one can be like Michael Jackson even if they imitated him and his moves. I believe music will change regardless. Look at rap music for an example. Rap music used to be clean back in the day and in this generation rap music is about being rich, getting girls, etc. Music is going to change whether Michael Jackson was here or not. There are a lot of talented people in this world.

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